I’m Christiana Lopez: a writer, director and cinematographer with a colorful background in comedy sketches, branded content, narrative shorts, and episodic series, including my 100% self-produced and performed web series.


Through the years I've created for Comedy Central, Geico, Squarespace, Sour Patch Kids, Sonos, UCB, and beyond. In 2020, I directed and produced a Comedy Central sketch which went on to garner over 9+ million organic views cumulatively across the web, and was the brand's #1 piece of original content across FB and IGTV in all of 2020.


Whether I'm wearing all the hats as a one (wo)man band, or helping make dreams come true as part of a crew, there's nothing I enjoy more than getting an idea off the page and into the light.

I hail from a tiny town in Massachusetts where the cows outnumber the street lights; I live in Brooklyn where I enjoy running in Prospect Park, cycling to the far corners of the city, and hunkering down with an old jazz record. I find writing bios to be as intimidating as signing group birthday cards. 

based in new york city.

will go wherever an idea takes me.

Filmmaker Photographer Videographer Director Comedy Central Freelance Brooklyn Women in Film Cinematographer Director of Photography Sketch Comedy