I’m Christiana Lopez: a writer, director and cinematographer with a background in branded content, narrative shorts, advertising, and comedy sketches, including my 100% self-produced and performed web series.


Over the years I’ve created content for Geico, Squarespace, Sour Patch Kids, Sonos, UCB, and more. Currently, I wear many hats as a producer at Comedy Central, where I help bring bizarre, viral brand originals to life.

I hail from a tiny town in Massachusetts where the cows outnumber the street lights; I reside in Brooklyn where I enjoy running in Prospect Park, cycling to the far corners of the city, and hunkering down with an old jazz record. I find writing bios to be as intimidating as signing group birthday cards. 

based in new york city.

will go wherever a script takes me.

Filmmaker Photographer Videographer Director Comedy Central Freelance Brooklyn Women in Film Cinematographer Director of Photography Sketch Comedy