Christiana “Awna” Lopez is a Director/DP with a diverse portfolio of production experience and a serious caffeine addiction. 


Her background includes branded and commercial content, narrative shorts, and comedy sketches, including her 100% self-produced web series. While her focus is directing and cinematography, she frequently writes, edits, and acts.


Currently, Christiana is consuming lots of coffee at Comedy Central where she helps bring original digital series to life, including "F*ckaoke": an episode of That's An App? she directed and filmed, which accumulated over 6 million organic views within its first month.


Christiana hails from a small town in Massachusetts where the cows outnumber the street lights; she resides in Brooklyn, NYC where she enjoys hanging out on her fire escape, running in Prospect Park, Christiana finds writing bios to be as intimidating as signing group birthday cards.

Filmmaker Photographer Videographer