I’m Christiana Lopez: a comedy writer, director, and creative living in New York City. I’ve written and directed viral award-winning commercial parodies for Comedy Central and my self-produced PSA parody series "Not Your Average PSAs" has been featured by Vulture, twice!


As part of the Comedy Central team, I produced, wrote, directed, and DP'd on the series "That’s An App?”. One of the episodes went on to be the brand’s #1 piece of original content across Facebook & IGTV in all of 2020 and won the IGTV Audience Honor at the 2021 Shorty Awards.


While I mostly live in the comedy world, my production background varies from branded content to indie films. As a Director of Photography, I've worked with brands like Bon Appetit, DoorDash, and Geico and most recently DP'd the viral New Yorker video "The Devious Mind Behind Wordle" which is currently their #1 IG video all of time. In addition to being behind the camera I'm often in front of it; sometimes I'm both places at the same time.

Other claims to fame include my ability to drink coffee and immediately nap, Questlove sharing my work, Steve Buscemi calling one of my videos “hysterical”, and an excellent credit score.


I find writing bios to be as intimidating as signing group birthday cards.

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