I’m Christiana Lopez: a writer, director and cinematographer living in New York City. I’ve written and directed sketches for Comedy Central, DP’d for the ViacomCBS Showcase, and had one of my self-produced PSA parodies featured by Vulture as one of the best comedy shorts of 2021. 


As part of the Comedy Central team, I wrote, directed, shot, and edited for the digital series "That’s An App?”. One of the episodes, “F*ckaoke”, was the brand’s #1 piece of original content across Facebook & IGTV in all of 2020 and was nominated for a Shorty award. Additionally, I’ve worked on projects for Geico, Squarespace, Sour Patch Kids, Sonos, and UCB Sketch Cram as well as a myriad of indie projects.


Other claims to fame include my ability to drink a cup of coffee and immediately nap, Steve Buscemi calling one of my videos “Hysterical”, and an excellent credit score of 813*. 


*As of today.


I hail from a tiny town in Massachusetts where the cows outnumber the street lights. I enjoy running in Prospect Park, cycling to the far corners of the city, and listening to sad dad rock. I find writing bios to be as intimidating as signing group birthday cards.

based in new york city.

will go wherever a story takes me.

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