I had the pleasure of working alongside Christiana for several years as she produced creative content for our company. Christiana was an invaluable contributor to the success of our marketing strategy. She possessed not only the creativity needed to conjure up imaginative marketing videos and collateral that perfectly delivered our message, but also the skill and experience to actually execute on and produce her ideas. She is a gifted photographer, videographer and producer, actor, voice actor, and painter, to highlight a few of her talents. 


Most important, Christiana’s passion for her work shines through her finished products. Everything she produces is always absolutely perfect, because she works tirelessly on the things she is passionate about, and ensures that every last detail is exactly how she wants it.

Zack Lerman

Sales Manager, SunPower by EmPower Solar

Hiring Christiana Lopez as our videographer was truly one of the best decisions we made regarding 24 Seven's video series. She so perfectly captured everything we had hoped for and went beyond our expectations in terms of quality! When originally researching possible videographers, we were looking to make sure our videos would not feel forced or inauthentic in any way. Christiana put those fears to rest as soon as she arrived on set, making everyone involved in the process feel completely at ease and relaxed. She is so enjoyable to work with - from the initial emails and phone conversations, to the day of our shoots, and the final footage, everything was so organized and professional. After receiving our first interview film, we shared the link on all of our social media accounts and our website. We received comments, texts, and calls from a number of individuals remarking on how beautiful the film turned out. Christiana truly portrayed the essence of our goal - from start to finish. We are so grateful for having found Christiana and would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a filmmaker that creates gorgeous and authentic content.

Rina Khadivi

I am not a good looking person. I mean I look ok. I could be any bald middle-aged white dude in Brooklyn. I could be Moby, or Michael Stipe. Also I am 5 foot 3, so I got that going against me.  My wife on the other hand is super good looking and is excellent at clothes and make up and is taller than me, and has great hair. So if you are super good looking to start with, or, if like me, you look like that egg icon that is the default profile pic on twitter, Christiana Lopez is going to make you look like a huge sexy rock star. I literally thought after the wedding we were gonna take some picks of us standing and smiling at the camera in various locations, and that was gonna be it. And we did the tradish things and the photos came out great: beautiful and professional and perfect for my grandfather to have on his mantle. But the wacky set-ups you see in the pictures are all her ideas — serious ones, seductive ones, silly ones, jumping in the air like idiots, shoes and flowers. All the ones where we are laughing happened because she was cracking us up — she is super funny and engaged and excited and the fun she has running from place to place and trying things and being ridiculous and getting herself into weird positions to get the right shot are what create the atmosphere that you see in the pictures. Those guys behind us in the roller coaster? We don’t know them. We didn’t talk to them. We had no idea they were being hilarious behind us. They did that because Christiana is fun to be around. The pictures look good because she is extraordinarily talented, but we look happy in the pictures (and so do random strangers) because we are having a good time.

(D. Phil. Oxford), Associate Professor, Borough of Manhattan Community College, City University of New York

Christiana has been documenting the growth of our start-up with amazing photos, videos, teasers and creative ads... Without any hyperbole we can say that she transformed the look of Think Olio and gave us an internet presence we were lacking in the early days. Much love to Christiana!

Founder, Think Olio

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Filmmaker Photographer Videographer